Transform your manual meeting processes

By: Vicky Wright

Reading Time: 2 Mins


As councils focus on protecting employees, their elected members and members of the community from the ongoing pandemic, virtual meetings have become the norm. Many Local Government Acts and Regulations have been changed to ensure correct governance procedures are maintained while meetings move to the virtual world.

As a result, the entire meeting lifecycle can become fraught with time-consuming roadblocks. With distributed workforces, Councils must move all the meeting preparation, generation and publication of meeting minutes into a format that supports new working arrangements and virtual meeting processes. For many councils, this will present challenges as their incumbent processes are reliant on the use of different applications to draft, approve, publish, and distribute agendas and minutes – often in physical form.

To improve productivity and make virtual meetings work, you not only need to adjust the way meetings are conducted but also consider how content for those meetings are created, distributed, and accessed during a meeting.

The right investment in an online end to end Meeting Management solution can go a long way in supporting your council’s transition to virtual meetings while maintaining required governance and standards.

With Camms’s ecuria, content is born digital and stays digital through the entire meeting lifecycle!

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