Infographic - The Road to GRC Implementation Success! Avoid These 8 Crippling Pain Points

By: Holly Butterworth

Reading Time: 3 Mins


Whether you are looking to implement new GRC software or change an existing GRC platform to something more suited to your needs, there is lots to consider!

Without proper planning and scoping, you may end up with a solution that doesn’t meet the individual requirements of your business, has hidden customisation costs, or doesn’t get the uptake required due to lack of buy-in from leadership and poor staff training.

To make sure your next GRC implementation is a success (or work out where your last one went wrong), check out these 8 crippling pain points of GRC implementation, to make sure you avoid them.

8 Crippling Pain Points of GRC Implementation Infographic - Image

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That’s not all, we have two more indispensable pieces of content to help you get a step ahead when navigating the potential complexities of GRC implementation:


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To discover if the Camms GRC solution fits the needs of your business and to talk to us about your requirements, request a demo of Camms.Risk today.



Holly Butterworth
Head of Delivery